Sunday Business Talk QandA November 14th 2016

This is the transcript for the Sunday Business Talk I did on Nov, 14th 2016. Questions are first, the Bullet list Indicates my answer. Then the video below the questions. Enjoy!

Daniel Hough

Hey Nestor.  Im a big fan of your business/vlogs and your attitude is great.  But the business questions has run its course.  Someone asked how you rolled your sleeves and you responded… gimmie a break!  Tool time is/was great.  Its time to get bac to whats really interesting- turning wrenches, repairing and overcoming challenges.  If the guys cant come here and be inspired by hard skilled work then this channel is dead.

  • Daniel, I feel honored by all of the questions people ask me. If someone takes the time to ask me a question, I will answer it. Nothing is off limits. Especially knowing that if one guy has a question, another 100 are wondering the same thing.

eyefucd yobtch

What do you look for character wise when looking for a helper or a intern? I used to be really ambitious in high school wanting to help at a mechanic shop lol so do you mind helping me out here?

  • If am looking for an employee I’m looking for someone to 1. make my life easier. 2. Make my customers happy so the business makes money. All your actions have to serve that purpose for me. What can you do for ME. So what I look for in an employee is someone that is happy, willing to do the work I ask of them and will make my life easier by taking responsibilities off my plate so I can focus on other things. Yes, Ill answer questions and give  you direction but I don’t want to micro manage you. I do not want to be wondering if  you’ll do a good job or fuck something up. I want to say “do this by this time and it has to be done right” and you’ll say “No problem!” With a smile. When you go intern for a mechanic shop. Tell the owner “I will make your life easier by taking on as much responsibility off your plate as you give me. I can start off with simple task like racking cars and taking off tires cleaning any mess the job makes and do anything that needs to be done so you can focus on other things. And as I prove my self to you I can do even more. I don’t know a lot but I’m a fast learner and need little supervision.”


Ive done engine swaps, ive done timing ,brakes, suspension, oil changes and tune ups, self taught and usually Japanese cars , how do i go about working at shop  even tho i dont have a shop experience

  • You go and apply at a shop and ask them for work. You might not get paid a lot of money since you don’t have shop experience but the point is to get the experience so you can move to another shop that will pay you more.
  • Little tip is – You get raises when you move shops. When you are at a shop, and you make 20 and hour. Its really hard to get a raise to $25 an hour. Go to another shop and apply, when they ask you how much you want to get paid, say $33 and hour. Then the people will laugh and negotiate down to $27. Then you laugh.

Andrew Salinas

What would you do if your business started to fail?

Did you have a backup plan before you started your shop in case it just didn’t work out? I know you had money saved but what else did you have set up as a backup?

If my business started to fail, it wouldn’t be a surprise because I would know that I wanted it to fail. The thing is guys, you are the reason why things work or don’t work. Some outside forces do come into play, but for themost part 95% of all the success in your life is due to you. I know that if I don’t constantly keep up with customers and marketing and learning new things and get better my business will fail.

  • I do not believe in back up plans. I think back up plans are for losers. If you have a back up plan its because you don’t believe that you will succeed. People with back up plans don’t believe in them selves enough to go all in.  In my mind, this business will succeed no matter what. There is nothing that will stop me from making sure it does. If it fails, then…. Well it wont because I wont let it. I hated getting told “Go to college! In case your business doesn’t work out!” I’m like, and do what, be a wage slave? Nah. Never, ill keep fucking trying until it works. Eventually it will.

Michael Szweda

HOW do you split the time from business repair work to doing the books another words how much time should the owner / mechanic  balance this time to make shure the business is running correctly

  • If you’re a one man shop, you have to do it all as it comes in. I try to stick to a schedule that looks like this.
  • I come into the shop 30 mins early and open up.
  • Then I wait for people to show up between 9-930 and drop off their cars.
  • From 945 to 1045 I inspect cars out and make estimates.
  • From 1045 to 11 I sell the jobs to the customers.
  • From 1115-1130 I call and order parts.
  • From 1145 to 5 I repair cars and deliver them as I finish them.
  • In between all of that I make you tube videos answer phone calls put out fires and try not to burn the shop down. I have my receptionist that helps with taking cars in and making estimates and answering phones. I am able to focus on just repairing cars and selling the jobs and making you tube videos.
  • The one thing you have to be careful off is getting to distracted and not getting anything done. If you stick to a schedule like this, you’ll be more likely to do good work and get paid.

amirez Automotive

Hey Nestor i been my own boss and having my shop open for about a year and i drop out of high school on the 9th grade im 29 now, and well im a 12 year experience as a mechanic and tech and really good at what i do but every day we learning something new and i came a long way for not having any type of schooling. my question is HOW! do you manage a business..? on pricing? and paying ur guy or guys when things are slow? my dad was running the place before and shop didnt have a name and was charging very cheap befor i got there i feel like im scaring my customers with my prices and the way my shop looks like i just got what i could for now.

When it comes to pricing, you have to know your worth. Youre scared to scare away your customers not because you think they wont pay, but because you might not feel your work is worth that much. You habe to make a mindset shift. You have to say, we charge this much because the job will be done correctl and fast. No one else can do this kind of great work and our work is backed up 100% if the customer pays for the job to be done right, we will cover them and have their back is something goes wrong.

  • Your shop looks like? Do you mean it’s a little shitty building? If it is, there is no reason you cant paint the walls, clean the equipment, set up a nice little office and make sure you and your employees look presentable. Always care about appearance. When people walk into your place, it should be bright and welcoming. First impressions matter so liven up you r place and clean it.
  • Check out Nestor Mendoza .com I give you some pointers there. But basically. You have to follow a process. The process of how to get customer, marketing, sign in sheets, inspect the car, then you sell the job to the customer, then you repair the car, then you deliver the car back, then you call and stay in touch with the customer days later by calling and sending them reminders.  Repeat.
  • Paying your guys is a must. #1 job of an employer is to pay the employee on time for the work they did. You do this by always having a steady stream of customers. Send out your reminders for service and constantly do your marketing.


Efrén Ramírez

Things you should do before opening a shop. (Naming & registering your business, paperwork.)

  • I wrote a great post on this topic (How to start a business). The only thing you need before you open your shop is to have your marketing material ready to fire off, 12 months of personal and business expenses saved in the bank and a desire to push through anything. The specifics are just noise.

Daniel Garcia

do you do your own programming/flashing of pcm and do you  program your own  keys or was that the key guy for  a car ….and have you ever fixed a vehicle by performing an update of pcm/ecm because I haven’t ever and they say these cars act funny because they might need a update

  • I can program computers using my auto logic but I don’t make or cut keys. The key guy did that for me. Yes, I have updated pcms to fix check engine lights. When you get a car in with a CEL I suggest you check for TSB’s because sometimes CEL will have an update that will fix them. Maybe 1 out of 100 will have a tsb for a update. So just check quickly for tsbs.

Gerald Gutierrez

How do you build a website for your business and what do you use to advertise your business online?

  • You build a website by using word press. Google “how to build a website with wordpress” and a ton of tutorials will show up on how to do this on youtube.
  • I use review websites like yelp yellow pages google.


New here, so I will first ask one that you probably have answered before. But, for how long have you had your own business? if you are looking for a new employee, what qualities are you looking for? Do you see any profit, business wise, on making youtube videos? like more customers? What time (and time zone) will you stream? Cheers.

  • Ive had my business for 2 and a half years. No I do not see more customers due to youtube. That Is not my intention with my youtube channel. It helps with SEO but my main focus is to build a platform and a community of guys that are into the same shit im into. I stream normally 7pm PST



What types of insurances do you need as a small business owner, and did you stick to them or get more, and how did you decide what companies to go through and why?

  • I use a commercial insurance package provided by my buddy who is a insrurance broker. He said “this is the best coverage” I said ok.
  • Basically, you need the basic stuff like fire and theft but for auto, you also need car personal and customer covered incase they get in an accident due to your negligence.

Tyrone JaCrispy

I know it isn’t necessary a business question (except for presentability), but could you do a video on how you fix your hair in the morning?

  • Lol. Yes. I basically use a blow drier to straighten my hair. Youtube “how to get hair like david beckham”



what type of insurance do you need to open up your own repair shop? Including for the building and people cars? what happens if someone hits you while your test driving? What if customers car catches on fire after you worked on it? What is a reasonable coverage and price? What is your insurance provider? Have you had to use your insurance since opened your shop? If so how was your experience how did the insurance go about handling it? I hope I can make it to your live video I’m a new subscriber I enjoy the business talk. keep up the good work

  • I will make a video on this.