5 reasons you should read Bold and Determined and 30 Days of Discipline


1. To be a master, you must first master your self.

Developing discipline is an important part of running and operating a business. Many business owners stay stagnant because they are not disciplined enough to create a business that runs well. They lack the basic habits in them selves to develop processes or habits for their businesses to follow.

How can you create successful business processes if you can’t even develop good disciplined habits for you to follow?

I used 30 days of Discipline to first develop my strengths and good habits. These habits helped me save my money for 10 years to open my auto repair shop. Stay focused on reaching my life vision. To ruthlessly cut through the bullshit in my life that would drag me down.

I mastered the basics of being a disciplined man. This was the base for everything I have accomplished in my life.


Read 30 days of Discipline because after you do, you’ll succeed at anything.

2. Discipline is at the core of every successful person.

You see them everywhere. A man that is well groomed, well spoken and just looks like a winner. These men are the ones that have their shit together. Not because of luck. Because of discipline.

Same goes with any business. You enter a business and you know they have their shit together because the shop looks clean, organized and well lit. it all starts with a disciplined business owner or manager.

30 Days of discipline teaches you the basics. Read it because no one, except me and Victor, teaches you the how to master the habits of a successful man.


3. If you need a kick in the ass, Victor Pride is the man to give it to you. You’re welcome.

Many people say I’m blunt and straight forward. I laugh because I think I am to soft on my hungry enemies.

Victor Pride embodies the no apologies attitude needed to get your shit together. It’s an attitude that is needed to be successful.

It is also done to screen people that aren’t ready or capable to receive his message. The ones that get offended by a winning self confidence, aren’t ready to listen and take in the information.

Through his writing Victor Pride makes you think, offends you, motivates you, inspires you, slaps you, bear hugs you and points you in the right direction.

Like an uncle that has wrestled black bears, Victor Pride has no time for bullshit. If you can’t take the love hits, go read BuzzFeed you pussy.


4. Motivation + Actionable steps = Success

I’ve said it time and time again. I don’t aim to be motivational because motivation fades. I want to be useful and give you concrete steps so you can reach your life vision.

I get this method from the man him self Victor Pride.

He not only fires you up, but he keeps the fire raging by giving you true blue steps to reach your goal.

30 Days of Discipline is laid out so it can be easily followed. Read it because you wont be confused by its methods.


5. Many talk the talk. Few walk the walk.

How many internet “gurus” have you seen talk about wealth, health and happiness look like slop, have never ran a successful business and don’t have happiness or fire in their eyes?

I would say 90% of them are what I just described.

The opposite is true for Victor and the men that read and implement his teachings.


Because we walk the walk.

Everything I say works, works because I do it. No one can tell me my methods don’t work because I use them daily. No one can say 30 days of Disciple doesn’t work because if they actually tried it, they would see it works.

Take a look into the eyes of a man that has discipline and you will see fire.

Complete 30 days of discipline because you will have fire in your eyes after you’re done.


Get to it Boys.

Your friend.

Nestor The Mechanic

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