About the Blog: The Art of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is under attack.

Many view free market capitalism, ambition and entrepreneurship as a flaw instead of something to venerate.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners that want to succeed and provide jobs for men and woman, get demoralized by taxes, regulations and red tape.

Unnecessary obstacles make it difficult for people to start the smallest of businesses.

Even Lemonade Stand’s can be subject to regulations and citations if the proper “paper work” isn’t filed.

Many seasoned entrepreneurs are fighting against the backlash.

This blog is designed to help entrepreneurs on the front lines of the battle.

I offer ideas to help you open, run and succeed in your business.

Keep fighting. Do not let the obstacles destroy your drive. Push forward and build your skills.

Business is a numbers game. You will find the business that makes you rich and in turn, provide jobs and economic growth for your community.

Once you have your success, share your knowledge and push for more entrepreneurs to become successful.

Help a kid start a lemonade stand. Give a diamond of information to a entrepreneur that ask’s for a tip.

Keep the art of entrepreneurship alive.

I am not here to convince you to quit your job and open a business.

I’m here for those who want and need this information.

Not everyone’s cut out to be an entrepreneur but if you are reading this, you are probably an entrepreneur in the making.

If you aren’t sure if you’re an entrepreneur, start off with build skills that will improve your chances, if you do decide to go all in and learn The Art of Entrepreneurship.

Thank’s for reading and keep up the good fight.

-Entrepreneurship is the art that can save the world.-

Nestor, The Mechanic.

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